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Adult Education Course
Image by Dylan Gillis



Finding and understanding the available resources that will assist them with their daily living.


Building relationships and rapport with clients, acting as a liaison between service providers, family planning care, and identifying resources for clients to overcome barriers to care.


Provide timely, accurate and appropriate responses to complex issues identified as consumer/regulatory complaints as well as communications addressed to Grander’s executive management group, Chairman and Board of Directors by taking an unbiased approach to each individual issue and proactively addressing it.


Consider the unique situation and provide an appropriate resolution that balances the goals of the company and the individual. 

Effectively communicates, both written and orally, to complainants and direct management. 


Deliver training programs and workshops to employees, community


Monitor the effectiveness of training of employees as well as training in the

community by using group performance results.  

Collect feedback on sessions from attendees to use for future improvements to

content and presentation. 

Contribute to new training program designs, and existing program enhancements.

Assist in the development of lesson plans and training aids. May specialize in a

particular subject, training program, or function of the company.


Perform initial and ongoing assessments of the health and functional status of members.

Develop an individualized plan of support that falls within the scope of Grander services and yearly budget.  

Assist and coordinate the provision of appropriate community long term care, social support services or other community-based services.

Monitor the provision and effectiveness of community services; and track member transfers from one setting to another

Promote independent functioning of members and provide services in the most  appropriate, least restrictive environment and participate in the determinations of
a member’s needs.

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