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Grander is a 501(c)3 organization committed to supporting the "elderly" population.  Grander will specifically provide direct services and education to aid and inspire seniors. We will assist seniors with navigation, advocacy, education, training, and support. In addition, we will be an intricate part of the community to provide awareness on the importance of seniors being properly supported. 

Grander acknowledges that the level and extent of daily assistance needed for seniors will vary widely from person to person. Seniors have different needs, physically, mentally, and emotionally, as well as different kinds of activity; levels of independence; and desires for daily living. Therefore, each of the components Grander offers is carefully crafted with real-time information In addition, a plethora of top-notch resources will be available to support a set number of seniors yearly.  Finally, Grander will develop an individualized plan for each senior within the scope of services.



Dr. Valerie Greene (left) and Alberta Jones (right) are the founders of Grander Senior Advantage, NFP.  Together these women have over 35 years of Health Care Administration experience.  They both worked with church ministries and supports the seniors through prayers, encouragement and companionship. Valerie and Alberta had originally started this journey in 2010 with establishing and managing home healthcare and billing organization. With collaborating with the seniors and their family members, clinics and the community, they realized that the senior population needed much more than home care services; they needed an amalgamation of services and support understanding that each individual has different needs.  Therefore, they decided to restructure as an nonprofit organization believing that they would have greater support, resources, and funding.

Dr. Valerie Greene is a Doctor of Education of Organizational Leadership with an Emphasis on Christian Ministry (EdD), she also has a Master's in Business Administration.  She has worked as a project director for a large state project; she managed the national provider credentialing department, and successfully directed compliance projects and several other health care initiatives from inception. Dr. Val is currently an Educator in Chicago's Suburban School Public School System.  Dr. Val is also a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), and She coaches individuals in fulfilling their dreams and goals. On a personal note, Dr. Val was care-taker for both her mom and dad before they transitioned. She assisted them with navigating the healthcare system, as well as advocating (being a voice) for their many health care issues and concerns. She managed their home health care services by working with several different home care entities. Finally, Dr. Val's published research is on "How Elderly Individuals Describe their Lived HealthCare Experiences." For fun, Valerie likes to write and she is a self-published author of two books. 


Alberta Jones is an ordained full-time minister and evangelist, spreading the good news of Jesus Christ. Alberta has a Master's in Business Administration (MBA) with a concentration in Healthcare Management. She has over 10 years of experience of working in hospitals, health clinics and all aspects of healthcare. Alberta established and managed a medical billing service for over 10 years. Throughout the many years of her career, she has gained an amalgamation of knowledge and wisdom, which compels her to serve this vulnerable population "our seniors" in a more innovative and efficacious way.  In addition, she supports and inspires the elderly through nursing home ministry visits in South Holland, IL.  On a personal note, she is a self-published author.

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