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We were founded on the belief that seniors are a forgotten population and aging can be challenging but are convinced that the senior years are significant and purposeful. Our goal is twofold:

  1.  transform the way that society views the aged population, and

  2. develop memorable compelling senior services that are innovative and sustainable through building a diverse global structure while making an impact in our communities where we live and work.

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According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there were 40.3 million U.S. residents 65 years and older in the 2010 Census and more than 54 million on July 1, 2019.  In Illinois, the elderly population grew to 1,925,649. The number of elderly in Illinois now ranks sixth among the states behind California, New York, Texas, Florida, and Pennsylvania.  Many seniors in the latter years need  additional support and resources.
Therefore, there are many different types of eldercare available to families in the United States and they are broken down into two major categories:  1) family-provided care and professionally provided care. There are approximately two types of family-provided care but multiple variations of the theme that are possible. There are six types of professionally-provided care including: in-home licensed or unlicensed care, adult day programs, independent living facilities, assisted living facilities, continuum of care facilities, and dementia facilities. Each care arrangement offers pros and cons and may be more or less appropriate depending on elders' needs and desires and the needs and constraints of the family.
With the amalgamation of resources for the elderly, Grander realizes that it is difficult  for seniors and their families to successfully navigate and comprehend the many different services that are offered to them. Because of this challenge, many seniors needing daily assistance tend to miss out on support services that are designed to assist them with their daily living. In addition, society lacks organizations that provide services that are designed to assist the elderly with bridging the gap amongst a variety of senior services and other resources. This is why Grander was founded with the belief that we can provide outstanding assistance with helping them put the pieces of this puzzle together.  Most of all, we believe that the former years should be purposeful, stress-free, dynamic and fun.



​Supporting the aged through:

  • navigation of the many resources available to seniors.

  • providing timely, accurate and appropriate responses to complex issues and concerns. 

  • offering education and training to the community and families caring for love ones

  • locating and providing support to assist with everyday living.












Turning Seniors latter years into exceptional living through inspired support, top-notch leadership, and innovative ideas.

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Rollercoaster Ride

We Believe:

Aging should be purposeful, stress-free and exciting

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